VCS-274 合格記 & Administration Of Veritas NetBackup 7.7


我々は一番安全的な支払い方式をしようしています。弊社のVCS-274 合格記を購入するなら、Paypalで支払います。Paypalは少数の手続きの費用かかる必要がありますとはいえ、保障があります。だから、弊社のVCS-274 合格記をご購入になりたいお客様は心配しないで商品をご購入ください。

試験科目:「Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7」
問題と解答:全118問 VCS-274 受験対策解説集

>> VCS-274 受験対策解説集

我々社のVeritas VCS-274 合格記を使用して試験に合格しないで全額での返金を承諾するのは弊社の商品に不自信ではなく、行為でもって我々の誠意を示します。Veritas VCS-274 合格記の専業化であれば、アフタサービスの細心であれば、我々Pass4Testはお客様を安心に購買して利用させます。お客様の満足は我々の進む力です。

NO.1 What is the default length of time that true image restore (TIR) information is retained in the
NetBackup catalog?
A. 1 day
B. 3 days
C. 30 days
D. 28 days
Answer: A

VCS-274 クエリ   VCS-274 時間   

NO.2 An administrator wants to review the throughput of backup clients to improve performance.
Which area of the NetBackup Administration Console displays the throughput of backups for all
A. All Log Entries
B. Status of Backups
C. Client Backups
D. Device Monitor
Answer: A

VCS-274 過去   

NO.3 Which NetBackup 7.7 command is used to report the potential free space of AdvancedDisk
storage units?
A. bpstsinfo
B. nbemmcmd
C. nbdevquery
D. nbdevconfig
Answer: C

VCS-274 資格

NO.4 Refer to the exhibit.
Two media servers, sharing a library with 10 tape drives, exist in the NetBackup 7.7 environment
displayed in the exhibit. Both weekly full and daily differential incremental backups need to run for
the clients and each schedule has a different retention period. Because of network topology, some
clients back up to Media Server 1 and some back up to Media Server 2. The environment suffers from
multiple status failures during the backup window.
How can the administrator minimize the number of failures?
A. configure media multiplexing
B. increase the Media unmount delay
C. enable media sharing
D. enable backups to span tape media
Answer: C